6 fun brand workshop exercises

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

Focus groups, or consumer workshops, are the most suitable methodology for boosting creativity because they allow you to benefit from a group dynamic. These two stages are both followed by phases of convergence, where you study and select the ideas that have emerged. The left side of the brain will then play a role, the one that prefers reasoning and analysis. These two moments are phases of divergenceduring which you must open up the field of opportunities as much as possible, in order to bring out as many ideas as possible. It is the right side of your brain that will be solicited, the one dedicated to imagination.

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These ‘stones’ (i.e., the wooden planks) are placed next to the ‘river bank’ – there should be one less plank than the total number of participants. As part of the game, if a participant’s hand or foot touches the ‘water’, it will be bitten off . Participants are told to pretend that the whole team must cross a wide river which contains dangerous crocodiles. Magic stones provide the only supports to be used to cross the river (which has ‘banks’ that are marked out by two ropes). The handler places the balls into the empty bucket at the start line.

Story Brand (SB by Donald Miller

Starting the team building process can be difficult, especially if you’re working with a new team who don’t yet know each other well. The activities in this section are focused on helping teams get to know each other better and start to develop bonds 6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises and trust as a team. You’ll need to estimate the right amount of dots to distribute to each participant to make sure the voting sessions narrow down your choices. Generally speaking, the more sticky notes or ideas you have, the more dots you’ll need.

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

For example, one child may select the charity, another may find a suitable space to hold the fundraising activity, and another child can collect donations. Once the children have finished their posters, they can show their completed work to the other children – helping kids to improve their confidence to lead.

Brand Deck

Good teams are empathetic and in touch with their emotions. Using the emotional culture deck, this workshop can be run in under 3 hours and helps your team define and improve working relationships and the emotional culture of your team.

What are the 6 character archetypes?

  • Hero. A hero willingly sacrifices their needs for others.
  • Mentor. A teacher or trainer who aids the hero by teaching and protecting them.
  • Threshold Guardian. A character who serves to keep the unworthy from entering.
  • Herald.
  • Shadow.
  • Trickster.
  • Shapeshifter.

I’m certain that by following these tips, I will be able to create a powerful brand. I really liked the impactful model The Golden Circle that applies to purpose behind anything in business or life. If you’re a bookworm like me and want to dive deeper into an understanding of branding, read these books. This list is by no means comprehensive but will help you take things to the next level of brand development. Analytics reporting should always support the strategic goals and KPIs for your business.

Strategies to Make Note-Taking Better—and More Productive

Person B cannot only tell the other person what the shape is – he/she is only able to provide directions about how to draw it, or to describe its uses. Give the managers 2 minutes to come up with their strategy. After every round, the participants should discuss what happened and select a new volunteer for the next round. It is important that the volunteer’s movement is kept at a slow walk.

Brand purpose is a higher order reason for a brand to exist, other than just making a profit. Now, I’m going to draw each exercise on the whiteboard, but you can take notes for yourself by using the worksheets provided. So in order to build a genuine and authentic brand, you need to know what you stand for, and then you communicate that well to the outside world. Brand Core section.Knowing these three elements and being crystal clear on each of them, builds confidence for the existence and direction your brand takes. Now, it might not seem overly important early on, but having this foundation in place as the core of your brand, makes all the difference when you begin to grow and expand. Let’s jump right into the first section — defining the core of your brand. But for other exercises we might want to quickly search the internet to help us fill in the gaps.

Place the action on the start date – with reference to the timeline you have already created on the wall. From the right of the action, draw an arrow to the end date and make a note of this on a sticky note. Once you have agreed upon the key tasks and a deadline, you can work back to determine a start date. Ask the responsible person to have their diary available so they can be realistic about their desired start date.

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

Afterward, have the group reflect on their experience and discuss the importance of communication. This game requires a rope that is tied at both ends to form a loop. The loop needs to be big enough for all group members to hold onto with both hands as they stand in a circle. The group is instructed to make a chosen shape (e.g., circle, square, triangle).


By selecting typography from within the category that best aligns with your brand’s values, you can get the right message to your target customers. Existing marketing and psychology research can provide brilliant insight into your brand’s future perception. Branding is the process of personifying your business and determining how to present the business to customers. Branding includes customer service style, voice, aesthetics, and more. This post will give you the twenty questions you need to ask yourself to build a consistent, customer-grabbing brand identity. Do you feel like defining a brand identity is a “fluffy” exercise with few measurable returns?

  • Workshops enable participants to come together for a concentrated time of idea generation and hands-on activities that allow them to achieve an actionable goal.
  • In this chapter Charlie introduces the course, share the outcomes of completing the course and bust myths about workshops.
  • Brand Tagline — Mind map exercise.And here, we’re going to select keywords from previous exercises, to help us fuel our creativity.
  • Then, ask the teams to swap paragraphs and repeat the activity.
  • The children should be helped to select a volunteer opportunity that gives them a chance to practice leadership and work with other children.

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