What Is the Green Line Theory? Kim + Petes Breakup Explained

McGuire first drew attention to the theory after posting a video in which he draws a diagonal line on an image of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian and warns „ladies” to not date men who lean in in photos. After the test went viral, experts have explained why the green line theory is not as convincing as it might first seem. What had happened was that on the “great day” he had not purified the gas properly and therefore worked with helium contaminated with oxygen and nitrogen. Having realized this, he quickly changed to helium—oxygen mixtures and now had no difficulty obtaining the green line. On the one hand, it’s nice to see Rivelino continuing to embellish and innovate. You wouldn’t want to see him rest on his laurels, and it’s clearly been long enough since the green lines took off that he wants to blow our minds again.

Rivelino is the reason you might’ve lately come across these “green line” pictures, which highlight people’s angle of pose to reveal the surprising weakness of supposedly masculine men. Quite a few people are also convinced that Mac is creating satire out of the entire trend, but he’s not outing himself if so. We can only hope that it’s a joke test overall, but it’s the internet so we may never know for sure.

Tall people have to lean in order to put an arm around a shorter person’s shoulders. TikToker @jackmacbarstool further explained the green line with several videos on the theory, but even his own followers seemed to turn against the Barstool Sports writer. Factors like how you support each other emotionally, how you converse, how you resolve disagreements etc are way more important than a person’s body language,” she said.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go… From Tufts’ New Green Line Station!

To get their point across, Revelino shares pictures of heterosexual couples and highlights their postures with green lines. If a man’s line is “leaning” towards the woman’s, he’s needy, weak, and the pathetic beta deserves pity. TikTok users have garnered millions of likes and views testing the theory on both their own relationships along with celebrity couples. However, not everyone is convinced that the theory is legitimate. On May 2nd, 2020, Twitter user @alpharivelino posted two identical pictures of Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (who played „The Mountain” in Game of Thrones) putting his arm around his wife Kelsey Henson.

green line theory

However, so far, @rivolino seems to be entirely serious about his angles, and all the other strange dominance games he advises men to play with women, and each other. It may seem strange that something they claim is innate to human nature and human relationships needs so many rules and so much reinforcement, but that’s just life in the manosphere. TikTokers are going viral with their attempts at the “Green Line Test,” which aims to determine the “role” each person plays in a relationship — but not everyone is sold on the theory.

It’s because of this that Cobb is confused at the reluctance towards leaning in. The theory itself is purported to be an indicator of the dynamics in a relationship—claiming to show which partner „wears the pants,” which rules in said relationship. coral tpu vs gpu According to the rule, the one standing straight—to those who believe in this theory— should always be the man in a heterosexual relationship in order for it to last. Leaning in, the unproven theory suggests, is a sign of „weakness.”

Not only did Mac’s video alone go viral, but the audio has since become a trend as people attempt to apply the rule to their own relationships. According to the rule, the individual leaning into the other person, who is standing straight instead, is the one with the strength and power in the relationship. TikToker @jackmacbarstool set the trend into high speed last week when he analyzed the internet-breaking image of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. As per the „green line rule,” Davidson was very clearly leaning into Kardashian, something the rule doesn’t suggest is hopeful. The ‘green line theory’ is what stands in the front of all of these ideals that Rivelino preaches about, convincing men that if they lean into women then they aren’t in control of the relationship.

„Green line” test and how you are… dominant.. in a relationship? so done.

“For example, if the photo is for paparazzi, do they feel comfortable posing for that photo? Or are they standing in front of a big group of people, are people filming the interaction, etc.,” Sokarno said. But instead of being laughed at and ignored, more and more TikTok videos testing the theory are popping up on my For You page and I need it to stop. Social media is trying to prove a new way of testing the health of a relationship, but psychologists say there’s no validity to it. Don’t buy into everything you see on the internet and call out anyone who believes in this toxic masculinity spew. It’s that last line that reinforces the patriarchal belief that men should be the more dominant and in control partner in the relationship, like being a Prince has anything to do with his status in their relationship.

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  • Someone else pointed out that Kardashian’s outfits make leaning physically difficult.
  • This isn’t the case with actor Jason Statham and his model wife Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, however.
  • Once he gets to the pictures of Jason Statham and his wife, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, he mentions that they’re both standing straight up but only refers to the fact that Statham isn’t a man who is leaning in.
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Though I can’t help feeling a lot of the latest riffs are somewhat derivative, with diminishing returns. Plus, the more rules added to the Book of Rivelino, the more certain he is to break them by accident. He was fascinated with visual arts and arts in general for as long as he can remember. After finishing high school, he took a gap year to work odd jobs and try to figure out what he wanted to do next. Finally, around 2016, he started learning how to use Photoshop and hasn’t stopped since.

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A large gray circle encompasses six smaller circles labeled with the factors that influence our work for equity. The six circles are divided by a green line which designates the separation between the technical and relational aspects of equity work. For something that’s supposedly so strong, masculinity is also surprisingly easy to break, at least according to a certain subset on the web.

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The Green Line Test examines relationships by focusing on visual cues — namely, each half of the couple’s body language when they are together. Using photos of couples like Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Mac explains how their posture indicates their role in the relationship. According to his breakdown, when one half of the pair leans into the other — creating a diagonal line with their bodies — this is an indication that they are the less dominant opteck opteck broker half of the couple. He draws a straight green line through each half of the duo to illustrate his point. The original source of his fame, which he’s been posting about since May, is the dire threat to marriage posed by men leaning towards their partners. As Mel Magazine reported at the time, “His theory holds that dudes leaning toward their significant others have compromised their integrity by realigning to a woman’s worldview.” That theory was then turned into a meme.

green line theory

This model can be used as both a conceptual frame and diagnostic tool to design or advance your equity work. Honestly there’s just a plethora of weird shit on @rivolina’s Twitter if you’re ready to do a deep dive, including the apparently compulsory obsession with feet all of these guys seem to have. So much so that some people are wondering if this is actually satire, or simply a cynical attempt to capitalize off of incels by selling a lot of weird merchandise. Though @Rivelino offers no explanation as to why the different crotch directions are the way they are, he has plenty of other thoughts on angles that he’s happily shared with the internet. That’s because you have a healthy view of relationships and a self image that isn’t tied to oppressing others.

Why Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Are Not Going To Last, According To A Very Sexist Internet Theory

Basically in short, men leaning in towards women in photos shows them off as “weak” and now the theory has made its way to TikTok. The way Mac presents it, a couple that stands completely upright — without either half leaning even slightly into one another — is set to last. It’s not a death sentence if one half of the pair leans in, however, so long as it’s not the man. A man leaning in is a sure sign of relationship woes, according to his breakdown, but a woman doing the same is, at least sometimes, acceptable.

While several users are finding pleasure in testing their own relationships or those of celebrity couples with a pair of green lines, the majority of videos utilizing the hashtag come from Mac himself. This is likely rooted in the clearly sexist leanings of the trend, which seems to turn most people — even Mac’s own viewers — off. TikTok users have racked up millions of likes and views testing the theory on both their own relationships and celebrity couples. However, not everyone is convinced of the legitimacy of the theory. Auroral spectroscopy as a field of science changed drastically over the 60 years considered here. During the early period it was a visual and simple science that appealed to amateurs and required neither theoretical knowledge nor advanced instruments.

Cock Confidence vs. Cock Shame

In the second picture, the user drew green lines over their bodies to illustrate that Björnsson was leaning towards his wife. He captioned the image, „Don’t lean in, strong man!” The tweet gained over 130 retweets and 950 likes. Green Line Test or Don’t Lean In is a Twitter trend originating from parodies of a thread on the platform which argues that men leaning toward women in pictures betrays the man’s neediness and weak mindset. Many criticized the tweet as having a flimsy argument, while others posted parodies using pictures showing „weak” leaning by drawing green lines over images of various people, often celebrities. In April 2022, the Green Line Test spread to TikTok where people applied it to images of themselves or friends. Despite the „green line” rule having gone viral and TikTok users trying it out on their own relationship pictures, the incel-supported theory has no real credible roots.

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As indicated by the name, he thought it might be a terrestrial variant of the solar coronium. Wegener suggested that the green auroral line was due to geocoronium, supposed to be the predominant element at heights greater than 220 km. Not only was it conspicuously ad hoc but also, after Bohr’s atomic theory of 1913, ideas of sub-hydrogenic elements ceased to be taken seriously. The polar aurora became a topic of science during the Age of Enlightenment, when natural philosophers such as Edmond Halley in England and Jean Jacques d’Ortous de Mairan in France pioneered the field. However, it was not until the second half of the 19th century that auroral research took off, both observationally and theoretically. The new field of research was thoroughly interdisciplinary, cultivated by a mixture of astronomers, physicists, meteorologists and chemists — and, not to forget, amateurs.

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